Join us for an FCA Coaching Clinic

January 25, 2014
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Centennial High School
913 S. Crescent Drive
Champaign, IL 61821


What's your game plan for motivating your athletes?

Join Dr. Jeff Duke and other coaches throughout Illinois for an introduction to 3D coaching philosophy and the benefits of coaching in all three dimensions – specifically strategies for motivating your athletes.


Bring your appetite (lunch provided) and questions for a live Q&A panel discussion! Reserve your spot today!


Cost: $15/coach  OR $50/entire staff


What is 3Dimensional Coaching?

The 3Dimensional Coaching curriculum is based on extensive research regarding different coaching philosohpies and the cultural influence of coaches in the lives of the people they impact.


                  1st Dimension = Fundamentals (Physical)

                  2nd Dimension = Psycology (Mind)

                  3rd Dimension = Heart (Holism)


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Research shows only about 15% of coaches intentionally coach beyond the 1st Dimension.


2nd Dimension Issues?

Motivation: Do you have athletes who will seemingly quit on you in a heartbeat? How do you motivate today's athlete to commit to a long-term process in a culture that values "immediate-gratification?"


Confidence: Do you have athletes who shrink back when the game is on the line? How do you help athletes gain/regain confidence in a culture obsessed with publicizing failure?


Emotions: Do you have athletes whose emotions get in the way of peak performance? How do you harness the power of passion and emotion in sport to enhance and not hinder athletic ability?


Team Cohesion: Do you have athletes who struggle to buy into the team concept? How do you make a team "we" in a culture that constantly sends the message that it's all about "me"?