Leadership Board

Brian McClure, Board Chair

Northwestern Mutual, Managing Partner


Hometown: Chatam, IL
College: University of Illinois, Baseball Player. 9 years in MLB
Family: Kelly (Wife), Tyler, Anna, Luke
Why I’m involved with FCA: I believe FCA is an incredibly valuable organzation for our community. Everyone with FCA works extremely hard to make a difference and to further the Kindgom through this ministry. The impact they have on coaches and athletes is significant, and I’m honored to partner with FCA to help fulfill their mission.
Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

Chris Basak

American Beverage, LLC., Regional Sales Manager


Hometown: Shorewood, IL
College: University of Illinois, Baseball Player. 9 years in MLB
Family: Samantha (Wife), Cole & Briggs
Why I’m involved with FCA: FCA has been a major influence on my spiritual growth while I was at the University of Illinois and beyond. Athletics create such a great platform to reach all ages, from children to teenagers to young adults. FCA uses this platform to expose kids to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to educate and develop future leaders.
Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3: 5-6

Christine Henrichs, MD

Family Physician, Carle Mahomet


Hometown: Mahomet, IL
College: Miami University, Oxford, OH
Family: Jeremy (Husband), Annie, Sam, Ellie
Why I’m involved with FCA: I believe FCA is advancing God’s kingdom and I want to be a part of His work.
Favorite Scripture: Lamentations 3:21-26

Jeremy Henrichs, MD

Carle Physician Group, Sports Medicine Physician


Hometown: Cullom, IL
College: Illinois Wesleyan University
Family: Christine (Wife), Annie, Sam & Ellie
Why I’m involved with FCA: FCA provides an opportunity to invest in the spiritual growth and make disciples of coaches and athletes through the Gospel of Christ.
Favorite Scripture: Luke 10:2 & Eccl 12:13. It changes weekly

David Hodge

CEO, Gill Athletics


Hometown: Mt. Vernon, IL
College: Baylor University
Family: Wife, Amy; 4 daughters, Heather, Amber, Ashley, Autumn; one son, Ryan
Why I’m involved with FCA: It is impacted kids’ lives for the Kingdom of God.
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 123

Eric Kraft

President & Executive Coach Kraft Development Group, Inc