FCA on Campuses

Since 1966, the FCA Ministry has been present on campuses, in groups called huddles, all across the country. A huddle is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on junior high, high school and college campuses. Huddles are a great way to come together for fellowship and learning about how the Bible applies to life and sport.

Do you need a Chaplain?

Chaplains love and serve the coaching staff and players with the love of Christ…keeping the best interests of the team in mind, serving practical needs and praying for and with the team.

Chaplains make themselves available to the coaching staff and athletes. They add value to the mission, vision and characteristics of the sports program.

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Invite Others

Invite teammates and classmate to come to huddle.


Have Fun

Make an impact in your huddle and on your campus.


Share Your Story

Share the Gospel and your life with your peers.


Grow Spiritually

Grow in Faith and knowledge with your peers in huddle.

Team Huddles

A targeted bible study within a unique individual team setting.

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Multi-Sport Huddles

A small group bible study for athletes from multiple sports teams.

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Coaches Huddles

A small group Bible Study for coaches that coach teams at all levels.

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